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Welcome to The Snowdonia Honey Co.

Alun Allcock Beekeeper

I'm Alun, the proud owner of The Snowdonia Honey Co., a venture that first took root in my imagination back in 2018 when I got my hands on our small farm (or "Tyddyn") nestled in the beautiful landscape of Snowdonia.

Snowdonia's rich mix of flora and fauna coupled with the bees' resilience against the wild elements, gave rise to a honey that's delighted palates and been recognised with awards. Its sought-after flavour, intoxicating aroma and vibrant hues have been captivating the taste buds of discerning British food enthusiasts over the past few years.

Tyddyn Whisgin Bach | The Snowdonia Honey Co.

 Starting small, with just a pair of hives, I've gradually expanded to create The Snowdonia Honey Co. that you see today. We've peppered the Snowdonian countryside with over 100 hives – home to approximately six million busy bees at the peak of Summer! Welsh Wildflower Honey and Welsh Heather Honey are world-renowned, untainted by the mono-cultures of oil seed rape and other commercial crops. I can still vividly recall that moment when I tasted the very first batch of honey from those original hives. It was like discovering gold! Snowdonia can be unforgiving, and our bees, well, they're something else. They have to be tough as nails to survive and thrive in these conditions. That, coupled with the incredible array of native flowers and plants – like our beloved heather – has contributed to the birth of a unique, high-quality honey that truly captures the essence of this untouched land. It's been a joy to witness more and more people savouring and discovering its magic. 

Honey bee mural in wood

But there's more to our story than just honey. We believe in giving back. I'm passionate about sharing the vital role that bees and beekeeping play in our environment. That's why you might catch me mentoring and guiding new beekeepers on The National Beekeeping Centre for Wales courses.

Our commitment goes beyond just the bees. We follow a meticulous process of cold-extraction and careful filtration, harvesting honey only when the bees have produced an excess. This means our honey remains pure, untouched by any additives and unpasteurised - as close to natural as it can be.

So, come and join us on our journey. We hope you will find something on our website that intrigues and delights you. Each jar of our honey carries a piece of this land's soul and is testament to the remarkable work of our bees and the dedication we pour into every step of the process.

Diolch o galon,



The Snowdonia Honey Co.


Telephone: 01286-864030

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Our Honey Collections